About me

Short Bio

My name is Pedro and I’m a 26 year old from a small town called Almeirim located in Portugal. I currenlty work in the education sector, specifically in Higher Education, as an invited lecturer. I mainly teach areas related to advertisement, content creation, art direction, graphic design, web design and multimedia. Until recently, I was also a PhD student in Digital-Media Art however I quickly understood that wasn’t one of my prefered areas. But don’t misunderstood me, I really love art, aesthetics and graphic content it’s just that course was too much artsy for my personality. What more can I say? I guess my passion is all about graphic and web design. The fact that I can create brand identities, graphical concepts, aesthetics and turn any idea into a beautiful and meaningful visual is definitely my jam!


I’m not going to lie I really have a diverse skillset. Since my current profession is to be a professor you really need to have strong and sharp skills. Besides my social and communicational skills, which are very high (don’t judge me but I really love a very deep conversation), I also have project development skills since I collaborate with a project office in the development of aplications for funding. In addition some of my most technical skills are:

Adobe Illustrator 90%
Adobe Photoshop 80%
Adobe Indesign 70%
Adobe Premiere 75%
Adobe XD 75%
WordPress 90%
HTML 75%
CSS 75%
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